b'Lets get baking! Teddy Bears Picnic SetCHARLIE BEARS HONEY FLAPJACKSIngredients200g unsalted butter200g demerara sugar200g Charlie Bears Cornish Honey400g porridge oatsHave you heard about the paw-some Charlie1.50g toasted flaked almonds (or just use your favourite nuts & dried fruits)Method2.Grease a large baking tray (approx. 20cm x 30cm) and pre-heat your oven to 180oC3.Cut the butter into cubes and put into a saucepan with the sugar and BEARS WITH PERSONALITIES BEARS WITH PERSONALITIES BEARS WITH PERSONALITIES Charlie Bears Cornish HoneyBears recipe cards? They are designed to helpTEDDY BEARS PICNIC BEARS WITH PERSONALITIES TEDDY BEARS PICNICEARS WITH PERSONALITIES TEDDY BEARS PICNICBEARS WITH PERSONALITIES4.Melt gently over a medium heat until the sugar has completely dissolved B 5.into the melted butter and honey. Paw-note: If you cant feel any of the Recipes to create the paw-fect picnic! Recipes to create the paw-fect picnic! Recipes to create the paw-fect picnic! sugar grains when stirring, thats when you know its fully dissolvedTake off the heat and add the oats and nuts/dried fruits and mix TEDDY BEARS PICNIC TEDDY BEARS PICNIC TEDDY BEARS PICNICeverything really well togetheryou create delicious treats, paw-fect for a teddyRecipes to create the paw-fect picnic! Recipes to create the paw-fect picnic! Recipes to create the paw-fect picnic!6.Transfer the mixture into your well-greased baking tray and spread it evenly to the sides7.Bake in the oven for 15-20mins, until lightly golden around the edges but bears picnic or teddy teatime! They have been sostill slightly soft in the middle.8.Let it cool in the tray and then turn out and cut into squaresPaw-note: What size you cut them is of course entirely up to you but we find that our bears like a beary big portion because they love the Charlie Bears Cornish Honey so much!paw-pu-lar that they are becoming collectableC C H A A R RLIEBEARSCHAR ARS items in their own right. ES CAKES ROTCAKE CHAREL IPEI CBKELAER SFLAPJACKS To find out more about Charlie Bears visit www.charliebears.comCEHCACRLLIE BEARSHLOINE EBYEPaw-note: This is the Teddy Bears Picnic Recipe Card 6 of 6. The image on the front is Flapjack from the Secret Collection 2018.LICMHUTNEYGRANNY MO I RERIS YOPRAKRSKHINR CHARLIE BEARS We first launched six different recipe cards back in January 2018,S MARMA I L C A H D E E ANDW Sfeaturing mouth-watering recipes such as Granny Morris own family recipe for Yorkshire Parkin, a moreishly moist Carrot Cake and the sweetest Honey Flapjacks. The bear on the front of eachTeddy Teatime Set C HARLIE BEARS BREAD N BUTTER PUDDINGIngredientscard is usually related to the recipe itself and, on the back, is a list1 loaf of stale white bread 7Butter for spreading 5g caster sugarof the ingredients you will need with simple instructions to follow 75g raisins & sultanas 300ml milk2 eggsstep-by-step. It also tells you who is featured on the front and theBEARS WITH PERSONALITIES BEARS WITH PERSONALITIES BEARS WITH PERSONALITIES Optional serving suggestions Custard or creamMethod1. 2.Pre-heat your oven to 200oC and lightly butter the base of a large oven-number this recipe card is in the set. TEDDY TEATIME BEARS WITH PERSONALITIES TEDDY TEATIME BEARS WITH PERSONALITIES TEDDY TEATIME BEARS WITH PERSONALITIESproof baking dish.3.Slice the loaf of bread and remove the crusts from each slice. Butter the Recipes for teatime with your Charlie Bears! Recipes for teatime with your Charlie Bears! Recipes for teatime with your Charlie Bears! slices - Head Bear says you can do both sides if youre feeling extra naughty!TEDDY TEATIME TEDDY TEATIME TEDDY TEATIME4.Cover the base of the baking dish with a layer of the buttered bread slices and sprinkle a third of the caster sugar, raisins and sultanas over the bread. Recipes for teatime with your Charlie Bears! Recipes for teatime with your Charlie Bears! Recipes for teatime with your Charlie Bears!Our first set of recipe cards proved such a hit that earlier this year weAdd another layer of slices and another third of the sugar, raisins and sultanas. Add the final layer of bread slices, sugar, raisins and sultanas.In a separate bowl add the milk and eggs and beat well to combine 5.together. Pour this eggy-milky mixture all over the bread ensuring every launched our second set featuring six new recipes for teddy teatimeslice is well covered. Head Bear says that it might look like youve got too much eggy-milky mixture at this stage but the bread will soak it all up during the baking process so dont worry.with your bears! So, whether our vegan chilli, red velvet cake or ourCH E SCHA E RS6.Bake in the oven for 20-25 mins - youre looking for the edges of the bread to brown but not be burnt, so keep your beady eyes on it!Serve piping hot straight from the oven with your choice of custard or cream - paw-some! CHARLIE BEARSRAERDL VI E LBVEEATRTRELAITEI MB EAteatime teacakes take your fancy, look out for our recipe cards andVEGAN CHILLI CHA LI EO ARSCAKE CHAR E L R IE B E I A E RSTEACAKES CEHAADR LNIEBBUETATRSE R start your collection now. Youll receive a free recipe card with everySWERE I T P U BTEATTYOCH RYP BR PUDDING To find out more about Charlie Bears visit www.charliebears.comCHPB TPaw-note: This is the Teddy Teatime Recipe Card 6 of 6.The image on the front is Bread n Butter Pudding from the Secret Collection 2019.QVC / TVSN order you make, as there is always one hiding in the Charlie Bears box. Or, if you dont order from our TV shows, they are also available to buy on Charlie Bears Direct and at The Bearhouse.Plus, for the last two club years, we have created an exclusive recipe for our Best Friends only. These are free to Best Friend Club CHARLIE BEARS HU GS HOMITY PIEmembers and come inside your member packs as we just love theIngredients (short crust pastry)200g plain flour 7100ml sunflower oil1 leek, finely slicedthought of you all baking and sharing your tasty treats with your 5ml cold water150g mushrooms, roughly sliced1 pinch of salt1300g cooked potatoes, carrots & Ingredients (pie filling)green beans, choppedBest Friends ClubFRIENDSHIP FAIRY CAKES HUGS HOMITY PIE tsp dried rosemary1 tsp or low-cal sunflower oil spray100ml milkBBFs (best bear friends). Excitingly, you wont find these on Charlie2 onions, finely chopped 150g cheese, gratedBears Direct or with your QVC / TVSN orders as these recipes areExclusive Recipes RECIPE CARD RECIPE CARD Method1. 1Salt & pepper2.Make your pastry by mixing the flour, water and salt in a bowl to make aegg rough dough. Cover in cling film and pop in the fridge for at least 15 mins to 3.chil. Lightly grease an oven-proof pie dish (approx. 23cm dia and 5cm deep).Once chiled, rol out the pastry on a floured surface and place it into the dish. only for our Best Friends. Press down the base and up the sides and trim off any excess. Turn your oven to 190oC to pre-heat it ready for baking the pie. Now make the filing. Add 1 teaspoon or low-cal sunflower oil spray to 4.a saucepan on a medium heat on the hob and add the onions, leeks and 5.mushrooms and stir until the onions are cooked through - dont let them burn, they just need to be starting to brown.Were also beary excited to tell you that Head Bear is busy workingAdd the cooked and chopped potatoes, carrots, green beans and the rosemary and stir wel. Cook for a further 5 mins on a low heat.6.Pour in the milk and two thirds of the cheese and season to taste with salt and pepper, stir wel until the cheese starts to melt (approx. 1 min). Add the egg on some new recipes so watch this space andlets get baking! and mix wel. Remove from the heat and alow to cool slightly.Pour the pie mixture into the pastry-lined dish and top with the remaining one third of your grated cheese. Bake in the oven for approx. 20 mins or until golden brown and bubbling hot!Hugs tells us that this pie is even more delicious when you share it with your BBFs (Best Bear Friends) so make sure you invite everyone round to enjoy a slice of Hugs Homity Pie!S GREATFWOIRTHHugs is excited to sharePaw-note: This is an exclusive recipe card only given to our Best Friend Club 2019/20 HYAORUIN BBFs his favourite pie recipemembers. You can find other Charlie Bears recipe cards inside the boxes when you order RGwith his Best Friends! Charlie Bears from our QVC/TVSN TV shows!(Best Bear Friends)'