b'Charlie Bears ExclusivesIn addition to Cleversticks, our wise owl featured on the cover and page 3, weve also got four more a-paw-able characters that are all Charlie Bears Direct Exclusives - to be releasedFlorabeary soon in The Bearhouse Shop and online at www.charliebearsdirect.com. To getCharlie Bears Exclusives Collection (mohair/alpaca)your name added to our wish list for Cleversticks, Rogan, Hee Haw, Flora or Sabiar emailNumbered Limited Edition of 130adoptions@charliebears.com and well giveyou advanced notification of when they are30cmcharacter Faureleased - just one of the many benefits of being a Charlie Bears Best Friend! 12 gehog na fred omRogan ul hthCharlie Bears Exclusives Collection (mohair/alpaca) tif is Numbered Limited Edition of 120 a u yee ar42cm 10 bsr Be16.5 h et so t r Fu ro e ih d nt i w C sld e r b u14i a p l o Cs i a r o l i t c e lF n oHee HawCharlie Bears Exclusives Collection (mohair/alpaca)Numbered Limited Edition of 15027cm10.5Sabiar9 Charlie Bears Exclusives Collection (mohair)Numbered Limited Edition of 9029cm11.510Paw-note: Sabiar means snug as a bug in a rug and with his toastie hat and scarf combo, we think our little mouse really does look like hes snug as a bug in a rug!'