b'Real-life Charlie Bears Take 3!This is the third instalment of your real-life Charlie Bears and wed like to say a big thank you to all our collectors (and their gorgeous pets) for taking the time to send in your images - choosing the shortlist toCollectors Calendar 2020out now!feature on this page is one of our favourite things to do! Were getting organised early this year and the Charlie Bears Collectors Calendar 2020 is now available to buy on the Charlie Bears Direct website or over the phone / in person at The Bearhouse. So, dont delay and get yours ordered today as weve only printed a tiny paw-ful and they are sure to be sold out beary soon!LOTTE THE REAL-LIFE WINDYPOPS RAFFLES THE REAL-LIFE HIDE & SEEK JUNE 2020A MAGICAL YEAR OFWedA R L I E E B E A R SMon 17 Thurs1C H F LKLOR S & FABLES 0 - 2 Tues 18 Fri C A MAGICAL YEAR OF -H L A R R LC I S E B L E S A R S O Wed 19TORS CAL NDAR 202 3 Thurs 20 Sat Summer Solstice (GMT)- COLLEC E 4 Fathers Day (UK, USA)CO FOLKLORE& FAB E5 Fri 21 Sun L ECTO S ALENDAR 2020 -6 Sat 22 Mon7 Sun 23 Tues8 Mon 24 Wed9 Tues 25 Thurs10 Wed 26 Fri January11 Thurs 27 Sat Sly China Toadstool Touch12 Fri 28 Sun February13 Sat 29 Mon March14 Sun 30 Tues April15 Mon16 TuesMayTORTY BOY THE REAL-LIFE SLOW COACH Friar Tuck June July AugustDAISY THE REAL-LIFE WALKIES OonaDandy & Clock FlutterbySeptemberSlow Coach & Speedy OctoberPatty Robin Hood & WallflowerNovemberWill Scarlet DecemberBEARS WITH PERSONALITIESwww.charliebears.comBuy now at www.charliebearsdirect.com MOOMIN THE REAL-LIFE EN GARDE or call The Bearhouse on +44 (0)1566 777 092Paw-note: Each month has a detachable keepsake image card of the bear featured that month. Why not use these to send your BBF (Best Bear Friend) a nice message? Or if you cant bear to part with them, theyll make a bear-illiant TIMBER & ELLA THE REAL-LIFEset of 12 cards to collect throughout the year.SKY THE REAL-LIFE TOUCH LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD & MASQUERADE'