b'Who am I talking to? Bear Cub Geoff Geoff is one of our Warehouse Assistants here at The Bearhouse and he also sometimes doubles up At some point well get to the end of the Charlie Bears bear cubs and well have to think of a new feature toas a Chaffeur taking Charlie and Will to London go herebut were not there yet! Here are six more bear cubs for you to meet along with the Charlie Bearswhen they need to get to catch a flight for their that share their name. overseas QVC/TVSN appearances and events. His main hobby is tinkering with his motorbikes and cars and of course, spending time with his lovely girlfriend. His favourite biscuit is a Custard Bear Cub Helen F Cream - an oldie but a goody!Youve probably seen Helen already as shes one of our regular vloggers on our Facebook pages as she is one of our Admin Assistants within the CharlieBear Cub Robyn Bears Direct Retail team at The Bearhouse. WhenRobyn is one of our Administrative Assistants shes not busy becoming our Social Media Influencerat The Cubhouse in Australia. When shes not (!), Helen has two dogs (Tinkerbelle and Bluebell)busy at work, Robyn loves baking, making her who she loves to take on long walks and she alsoown greetings cards and spending time with her enjoys to baking and pottering around her garden.children. Her favourite biscuit is an Arnotts Her favourite biscuit is a Dark Chocolate Rice CakeMint Slice.but only when you eat them chocolate side down!Bear Cub Melanie Bear Cub Claire B Melanie is another one of our regular FacebookClaire is our Global HR Manager and she is based vloggers and youre sure to have spoken to her ifat The Treehouse just down the road from The youve called The Bearhouse recently as MelanieBearhouse here in Launceston. Its a full-time job is also one of our Admin Assistants here at Theensuring all our bear cubs personnel needs are met Bearhouse. Having moved to Cornwall seven yearsbut when she leaves The Treehouse for the day, ago, Melanie spends a lot of her free time going onClaire loves to go for beach walks, keeping fit(ish!) adventures around the county discovering beautifuland planning activities to do with the family. Her coastlines, pretty villages and new places to eat.favourite biscuit is a Viennese biscuit - yum!She is also a keen reader and loves nothing more than getting stuck into a new book. When it comes to her favourite biscuit, Melanie had a hard timeBear Cub Danuta choosing, but went for the classic Digestive in theDanuta is an Assistant within our Accounts end. Department at The Treehouse and she is one of the newest members of our team so unfortunately Charlie hasnt had a chance to create a Danuta bear yet so weve got a lovely image of our Plumo Panda Dennis to show you here instead! In her spare time, Danuta loves to spend time with her family, watch sport and go for long walks - especially in the summer when the days are at their longest. Her favourite biscuit is a Milk Chocolate Digestive.'