32 Alison Charlie Bears Collection (plush) 37cm 14.5” 12 Olien Charlie Bears Collection (plush) 47cm 18.5” 16 Paw-note: Many Charlie Bears have detailed stitching on their paw pads as can be seen here with Alison and Olien. This level of detailing is not often found with other collectable plush bears. Charlie prides herself on always going the extra mile for her bears and that’s why they are known as the bears with personalities. Prema & Portia Charlie Bears Collection (plush) Limited Edition of 1500 56cm / 39cm 22” / 15.5” 19/13 Portia & Prema are a mummy polar bear and her adorable polar bear cub. They are sold as a pair as little Prema is too small to be without his mummy bear yet!