54 55 OUR MAGICAL CAULDRON COLLECTION Following on from the spookily popular Halloween Enchantment series in 2017, Charlie (with the help of course from both Broom and Potions!) has created some new characters to add to your hug, with four new bewitching bears. Which one will place a ‘love me’ spell on you?  Broom & Sticks Plush Collection (plush) Numbered Limited Edition of 1000 33cm/43cm 13”/17” 11/14 Q 3 Potions Plush Collection (plush) 25cm 10” 8 Q 3 Paw-note: Broom & Sticks come together as a pair (to make a Broomstick of course!) and are a Numbered Limited Edition of only 1000 pieces worldwide. Whoooo Plush Collection (plush) 28cm 11” 9 Q 3 Jack-O-Lantern Plush Collection (plush) 25cm 10” 8 Q 3