18 19 RUMBLIN’ TUMS SERIES These adorable little bears have now chosen their spots here at the gallery and have nestled themselves into our Rumblin Tums Café on Prickly Pear Parade. A wise choice we think with their names being delicious puddings and cakes! Angel Cake Plush Collection (plush) 43cm 17” 14 Q 3 Fairy Cake Plush Collection (plush) 30cm 12” 10 Q 3 As you all know here at The Bearhouse we call our cake-named bears like Angel and Fairy Cake our ‘guilt-free treats’ and these two new little ones are truly sweet... Muffin Plush Collection (plush) 32cm 12.5” 11 Q 1 Bakewell Plush Collection (plush) 32cm 12.5” 11 Q 1