b'Quarterly ReleasesThis catalogue contains all the bears from our five main collections that you can adopt from our network of over 500 stockists worldwide. The catalogue is released in March 2023, but not all the bears are available at the start of the year. This is because each and every bear is lovingly made by hand and, as its im-paws-ible to make all the bears at once, we separate our bears into quarterly releases. J O I NT H E C H A R L I E B E A R S You will see a Q icon next to each bear in this catalogue and the number inside the QB E S T F R I E N D S C L U Brelates to which quarter they are going to be released. So released means we are planning to deliver our bears out to retailers during this 3-month period. We would still however alwaysCharlie Bears Best Friends Club members are beary special to us and recommend contacting your local retailer, to check your bears arrival, before making a specialwed love you to join our big bear family! The club runs from 1st May trip to the store. to 30th April each year (you can join at any point during the year) and for a beary affordable membership fee you will receive all this.Q Released during the first quarter of the year: January-March Membership Card1 Pin BadgeQ Released during the second quarter of the year: April-June Exclusive first access to the Best Friends Club Collection2 at reduced rates for members only10 off Promo VoucherSome surprise items in your pack that will change each year!Q Released during the third quarter of the year: July-September3 Your own advance copy of the Collectors Catalogue and two issues of our Sneaky Peeks & Secrets magazinesBirthday & Christmas Cards from Charlie and the Bear CubsQ Released during the fourth quarter of the year: October-December Regular emails throughout the year with the latest news, events4and club exclusivesThe chance to join Charlies Secret Cupboard Facebook Group They will arrive at your local Charlie Bears retailer fully cuddle trained and ready to join your hug. So, when a bear has chosen you from the catalogue, make sure you note which quarter they will be available to adopt.paw-some!Whilst every attempt will be made to deliver all of characters within their intended quarters, logistical issues may affect deliveries. Please use our quarter details as a guideJoin today at www.charliebearsdirect.comonly this year.98 99'