b'I have always been fascinated by the concept of time. Since the creation of the first sundial, the seconds have been ticking by and it is amazing to think of how much has happened - even before the concept of time was ever thought about. This handsome bear to the left is called Clock Watching and hes one of our key pieces in this years Isabelle Collection. Clock Watching is paired with our wonderfully traditional bear, Time Keeper, and you can see them on page 86, as they endeavour to make sure that you are never late again.Throughout our other 2023 collections you will find extinct creatures in our Bearhouse Bears range. From dinosaurs to woolly mammoths, our Bearhouse characters might be gone but they have still left their footprints in time. Our Plush Collection features many aptly named bears, some sweet treats and some new additions who cannot wait to join you hug. You also might find yourself down the rabbit hole for this years Signature Collection and this collection has really been something special to me. Plus, we are excited to tell you that our Minimo Collection is back and we cannot wait for you to meet our Calendar Girls!As they say, time flies when you are having fun and so make sure our 2023 collections dont make you late for a very important date. We cannot wait to see who chooses you from The Clocktower Collection.'