Charlie Bears Birthday Party 2019

This year’s Charlie Bears Birthday Party is taking place on Saturday 16th November 2019 at The Bearhouse and all participating Charlie Bears retailers around the world.

Our collectors can visit The Bearhouse or your nearest participating Charlie Bears retailer to adopt the super secret Birthday Bear who will be hiding inside his or her box that is all sealed up and cannot be opened until after you’ve bought the bear. That’s the exciting twist of the Charlie Bears Birthday Bear – you have no idea who you’ll be getting until you open the box on the day – it is top secret, not even Will knows as we all know how bad he is at keeping a secret.

There will be absolutely no peeking before the day (or reveals on social media) so the Birthday Bear 2019 is going to be a bear-illiant surprise for you all to enjoy at the same time when you open your box. We’re so beary excited to see whose inside and I hope you are too!